The Rogue Church Begins

Posted: Feb 11, 2021

Recently I wrote about an online prayer group we’re starting with an emphasis on prayer for those who participate, the church and their country. We’ve received responses from persons outside the US who want to participate so this will be an international group.

We’re dubbing it The Rogue Church. Prayer and community are a big part of what church is about (Acts 2:42) thus we’re calling it a church. The early church was established, super-charged , and sustained by prayer. James 5:16 tells us that healing comes from prayer in community. Elijah prayed down a drought and then his prayer re-opened the floodgates of rain (James 5:17-18). We are commanded to pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-2).

Neither the church nor the individual believer are meant to be divorced from group prayer. That’s just a modern church thing that keeps people trapped in their comfort zones. Prayer is just as critical if not more so than teaching and praise. You can teach about prayer all you want, but it’s not until believers pray together that the church is spiritually super-charged with boldness and the walls are shaken (Acts 4:31).

The Rogue Church meets by Zoom every Wednesday morning at 9:00AM US Central time (8:00AM MT/10:00AMET). This will give those of you in different time zones and countries the ability to participate. Anyone is welcome as long as you speak English.

Tim Peterson, pictured below, will be shepherding the meetings. Those of you who have participated in Tim’s groups or worked with him in counseling know how gifted and passionate Tim is at leading people into a deeper relationship with God.

If you want to participate, please contact us, and one of us will send you the link for next week’s meeting.

There’s no cost to participate in The Rogue Church.

God has shown me that prayer is critical for 2021. Let’s do this.