The Rogue Christian

God’s people can sense it; we’re losing our country. Sexual depravity is everywhere, socialism is rising, the occult has gone mainstream, suicide rates are escalating, and mass shootings are commonplace. Our nation is divided in a cultural civil war, and Christians are the enemy.

Yet, most churches rarely discuss these issues openly, let alone act as if there’s a problem outside their doors. Christians are not being equipped to step into their God-given role as overcomers and spiritual warriors.

The Rogue Christian is the book by Mike Genung that explores the root causes of why the church has lost its salt, and provides the Biblical action steps every believer can take to spark the spiritual awakening that will turn our country around.

This website expands on the book and provides more content that will guide you on your journey to becoming a Rogue Christian.

The Author

Mike Genung is the founder of Blazing Grace, an international ministry to persons who struggle with porn and adultery, and their wives. The heart behind The Rogue Christian is to see believers rise above status-quo Christianity and live the abundant life Jesus offers.

“Your writing is inspirational, foundational, and from the depths of your (and God’s) heart. I’m sharing your book with my husband, and we’re nodding and agreeing and being generally amazed at how the book reflects so much of what we’ve been talking about in the last few years. I love your book, and I think it hits the bullseye on so many levels. Your view of the modern-day church is something we all definitely need to hear. Almost every Sunday in our church we come away a bit empty, still longing for more, for Jesus, for God to be exalted and lifted higher.”

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The Rogue Christian

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