What is a Rogue Christian?

Rogue /rōɡ/: No longer conforming to a desired standard; a person or organization that does not behave in the usual or acceptable way.

Before we look at what a Rogue Christian is, let’s examine what it is not.

A Rogue Christian is not a rebel. We do not rebel against churches, organizations, or people. While we exercise discernment, we do not sit in judgement of others, which may cause us to stumble in pride, resentment, or arrogance. There is enough of that to go around already.

Rogue Christians want all of the truth. We’re tired of churches that avoid the hard topics and are not equipping their people to be overcomers. Tell us all of the truth, and please don’t treat us like five year olds and feed us theological ice cream every weekend. The world is collapsing around us morally and we want to be equipped on how to make an impact.

Rogues want more than knowledge. We want a passionate love relationship from the heart with the Lord, not just Bible knowledge. We want to be filled with the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, and all that comes with it.

Rogues want to be equipped to be overcomers and warriors. Don’t just tell us what sin is; show us how to overcome it.

In essence, a Rogue Christian is a biblical Christian who filters all of life though the Bible and then attempts to live it.

For example, the example of church we’re given in the book of Acts is that they were devoted to the apostles teaching, fellowship, and prayer. The early church prayed constantly. Most of our churches of today feature a worship band and one senior pastor who does most of the teaching. That doesn’t line up with the house of prayer we are called to be, or a fellowship that shuns isolation and is devoted to each other.

Rogues—biblical Christians—make their lives count for eternity. They know that living out the greatest commandment to love God with everything we have is more than a verse to be studied, but to be lived. Rogues are passionate seekers of God who spend extended time in His presence often, including going away for personal retreats with Him. We’re not satisfied with Bible knowledge alone, we want the real thing; to encounter the Living God and be so undone by His presence that our love of other things pales in comparison.

Anything less is just religion.