Corrupted Christianity

Posted: Apr 28, 2023

This year, we have seen the following.

Amy Grant, the popular Christian singer, hosted a same-sex wedding on her farm.
Marriage is a celebration and validation of the couple and their values; by hosting a same-sex wedding Amy validated a relationship that opposes God’s word.

Dennis Prager, whose radio show reaches millions, came out in favor of porn.
During a roundtable discussion about the Book of Exodus, Prager said that “men want variety, and if viewing pornography is a substitute for adultery, it’s not awful. We don’t have a claim that if you look at another woman with lust, it’s as if you’ve committed adultery with her.

Jonathan Roumie, the Christian Entertainment Industry’s star of the moment who played Jesus in The Chosen and Lonnie Frisbee in Jesus Revolution is reportedly into necromancy—praying to the dead. Roumie went to Frisbee’s grave and asked Frisbee how Roumie should play him in Jesus Revolution. Any attempt to pray to anyone other than God creates an opening to the demonic realm.

Courtney Tillia, 35, a mother of four, said she is a proud Christian porn star.
In a recent interview she said: “God’s message has been abundantly clear: I’m here to be a porn star. This is my way of serving.” Her exploits led to a life coaching business. “I work with hundreds of women all over America, Australia, Europe and everywhere. I’m helping those clients break through the shame and guilt that’s been imposed upon them for wanting to be free to express their sexiness.”

What Courtney Tillia is doing isn’t new. Angela Dela Cruz, a porn actress, pastors Living Faith Church in San Diego with her husband Stephen. They call Living Faith a church “for sinner by sinners,” and proclaim that the church’s leaders are the “biggest sinners and this is the most non-judgmental church around.”

What is dangerous about all this is that Amy Grant, Dennis Prager, and Jonathan Roumie have large platforms to millions. When we mix a bit of truth or Christianese with corruption and sin, people are misled, distracted from what is important, and fed a subtle message that it’s okay to compromise God’s unyielding standard of holiness. At that point, the church starts to make crap look good.

Salt is good, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored?  It is of no use either for the soil or for the manure pile. It is thrown away. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.
Luke 14:34-35

When the church hides from openly talking about sexual issues and God’s standard for them, a large moral crevasse opens. In this void, people make up their own standards and truth up as they go, even to the point of labeling them as Christian. You will never hear a word of this in most churches because it’s not nice to say bad things about the Christian celebrities we worship that aren’t positive and encouraging. We give way too much time, attention, and affection to Christian celebrities or the latest Christian entertainment.

If you want to know the truth, turn off the TV and smartphone.
Read the Bible.
Give yourself to prayer.
Get off the sidelines and get in the fight.