30 Days of Prayer Begins Tomorrow

Posted: Sep 29, 2020

As I was in prayer last Friday, God burned “30 Days of Prayer,” in my mind. After spending considerable time asking Him to confirm if this is what He wanted me to step into, we’re going for it, beginning tomorrow, October 1.

Each day, from October 1-30, I’ll email you a short video on a prayer topic to focus on that day. The messages will be far more than “here’s what we’re praying for.” There will be a compelling reason given why we need to saturate an issue in prayer. Some topics will provoke self-examination and repentance. Others will involve prayer for the community, church, or your country. Several will include breaking strongholds.

As Daniel prayed morning, noon, and at night (Daniel 6:10), I challenge you to do the same with each day’s topic. I also encourage you to share the videos with others and pray with them… and send them to your church. Our churches must become houses of prayer; one-time prayer events aren’t enough. It would be easy—and powerful—for a pastor to walk his flock through each week’s prayer topics.

The video above will give you more information on 30 Days of Prayer.

We desperately need this. Let’s go Rogue with uncommon prayer in an unprecedented time when evil is rampant.

Click the image at the top, or go here to watch the video: