The Rogue Christian – eBook

The Rogue Christian – eBook

Viewing Format: Digital eBook
Number of Pages: 186
Publisher: Blazing Grace Publishing

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Along the way topics are exposed that include the porn problem in the church, spiritual abuse, sexual abuse, legalism, the effects of not addressing these and other issues openly and equipping God’s people to be fighters, and more.

We need leaders who understand the need for urgency.  The book hits on the urgent need to go rogue, now, which is to abandon status quo Christianity for the biblical version. (It does not mean abandoning the church).

Table of Contents:

  1. Part I: The Status Quo has Failed
    1. The Onslaught of the Orcs
    2. The Church Under the Hood
    3. The Sedating Effect of “Positive and Encouraging”
    4. The Problem with Verse-by-Verse Teaching
    5. Why We’ve Lost Our Salt
  2. Part II: The Rogue Christian
    1. Do You Know Him?
    2. Perspectives
    3. Your Most Powerful Weapon
    4. The Power of Silence
    5. Can You Drink the Cup?
    6. Living in the Flow of Grace
    7. The Way of the Rogue
    8. The Rogue Church
    9. How to Create a Safe Church
    10. Invasion

Reviews of The Rogue Christian – eBook

  • Your writing is so good–inspirational, foundational, and from the depths of your (and God’s) heart. I’m sharing your book with my husband, and we’re nodding and agreeing and being generally amazed at how the book reflects so much of what we’ve been talking about in the last few years. I love your book, and I think it hits the bullseye on so many levels. Your view of the modern-day church is something we all definitely need to hear. Almost every Sunday in our church we come away a bit empty, still longing for more, for Jesus, for God to be exalted and lifted higher.