Day 6 of the 30 Days of Prayer – Praying for Pastors

Posted: Oct 05, 2020

Apparently, we hit a nerve.

Last Friday when we were posting Day 3 on Praying for the Porn Industry we got hit with warfare. We suddenly couldn’t load that video on Facebook. Within an hour of posting Praying for the Porn Industry on our youtube channel there were a collection of replies with pornographic content.

We decided to post Day 3 on Facebook without the video and have seen a stream of vitriol and nasty comments, none of which we saw in the first two days. I won’t dignify them here; if you want to read them for yourself go to the Blazing Grace Facebook page. I also got hit with the temptation to back off in fear, which I shut down with prayer. There have been other issues going on here with our team and we’ve had similar struggles with posting the Tolerating Jezebel video from Sunday. There can be no doubt that sexual sin and lust are a massive stronghold in and outside of the church.

And this was just after the third day.

It has been said that Satan laughs when we have a Bible study and he trembles when we pray. Some of the issues we will be praying about are strongholds that are rarely discussed, let alone prayed for. (Have you ever been asking to pray for the porn industry in church?) To put the church on its knees in prayer is to weaponize it with an arsenal of nuclear firepower. Most Christians don’t understand how powerful prayer is. If they did every church would have their flocks on their knees every weekend years ago and revival would have swept the country. We probably wouldn’t be in this mess.

I would appreciate your prayer covering for those of us who are connected with Blazing Grace us as we walk this journey with you.

Today, Day 6, we will pray for our pastors. We are a church at war, and pastors are undoubtedly a focal point for attack by the enemy.

I want to continue to challenge you to get others involved in the 30 days of prayer.

Thank you for going to war with us.

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